Biden Skips Super Bowl Interview: Media Bias Shields Failing President

Joe Biden’s decision to once again avoid a Super Bowl interview has sparked a stark contrast in media coverage. Last year, when Biden declined an interview with Fox News during the Super Bowl, the press was quick to defend him, painting Fox as a hostile and disreputable network. But when Donald Trump did the same in 2018, the media labeled it as a hostile break from tradition.

Even this year, with CBS as the host network, the press is spinning the story in Biden’s favor. They claim that Biden’s decision to skip the interview is a strategic move to give Americans a break from the politics of the 2024 campaign. But let’s be honest, it’s a convenient excuse for a president who is already struggling in the polls and facing growing calls from his own party to step aside.

The truth is, Biden is afraid of facing tough questions from the media. He knows he can’t handle softball interviews, let alone one during the Super Bowl, which is watched by millions of Americans. And let’s not forget that CBS was offering the White House up to 4-5 minutes of free airtime, a golden opportunity for a struggling president in an election year.

But instead of taking advantage of this gift, Biden is hiding from the American people. He’s avoiding any exposure because he knows he can’t defend his disastrous policies and his plummeting approval ratings. It’s clear that Biden’s handlers have little confidence in his ability to even look good in a controlled setting, let alone in front of the largest television audience of the year.

The biased media is once again spinning for the White House, protecting Biden from any criticism and downplaying the significance of his decision to avoid the Super Bowl interview. It’s just another example of how the press is complicit in propping up this failing president. But the American people deserve better. They deserve a president who is willing to face tough questions and defend his actions. Sadly, that’s not what we have in Joe Biden.

Written by Staff Reports

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