Biden Fumbles Pre-Super Bowl Spotlight, Critics Cry Foul Play

President Joe Biden seems to have missed the memo that the Super Bowl is the prime time for politicians to deliver their messages to the masses. But who could blame him, really, when his track record is nothing to brag about? It’s not like he’s turning down interviews during the most-watched TV event to avoid talking about his laundry list of accomplishments — like skyrocketing inflation, global turmoil, a stagnant economy, and a total mess at the southern border.

And it’s not just this year that Biden has been a no-show; last year, he also declined to grace the American public with his presence before the big game. Now, with midterm elections on the horizon, dodging these high-profile opportunities to connect with voters seems like political suicide. But hey, maybe his handlers know something we don’t. According to reports, they don’t trust old Joe to string together a coherent sentence, and they fear he might “short-circuit” like a faulty appliance. Can’t say we blame them for trying to avoid another public relations disaster.

Traditionally, it’s become expected for the U.S. President to sit down for a pre-Super Bowl interview, but Biden is breaking tradition left and right. CBS News recently confirmed that Biden won’t be participating in any pre-game interviews leading up to the Super Bowl LVIII, and this comes after he snubbed Fox News Channel for the same opportunity last year. We’ll see if his decision to dodge the limelight will come back to haunt him as the 2024 presidential election heats up.

Despite assertions from the White House that they hope viewers will just enjoy the game, it’s hard to shake the feeling that Biden’s absence raises some eyebrows. After all, the American people deserve to hear from their president, especially considering recent military actions and tensions with Iran. And with the looming threat of a return to the White House by a certain former president, it’s more important than ever for Biden to make his case to the public.

It’s one thing to turn down an interview with a network like Fox News, but to snub CBS, with whom Biden supposedly had a good rapport, is a curious move. Some may argue that COVID protocols are the reason for Biden’s absence, but let’s face it; the pandemic is over, and the American people expect their president to be out and about. It’s time for Biden to step up and allay concerns about his age and mental acuity before it’s too late.

And let’s not forget the elephant in the room — Biden’s health. Will he be up for the challenge of a debate, or will the Democrats have to pull a last-minute switcheroo at the convention? It’s clear that the White House’s strategy of keeping Biden under wraps is starting to wear thin, and it’s only a matter of time before the whole charade comes crashing down.

So, as we gear up for the big game, remember that while Biden might be MIA, his absence speaks volumes about the real state of his presidency. And if history is any indication, the Democrats’ game of hide-and-seek won’t end well — just like every other major initiative they’ve tried to push through in the past four years.

Written by Staff Reports

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