Biden Skips Ukraine Peace Summit for Hollywood Fundraiser Hosted by George Clooney

In a shocking turn of events, President Joe Biden has decided to skip a peace summit hosted by Ukraine’s President, Volodymyr Zelensky, in favor of rubbing elbows with the Hollywood elite at a fundraiser hosted by none other than George Clooney. While Biden is off schmoozing with Clooney, Vice President Kamala Harris and National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan will be attending the peace summit in his place. Ukraine is not thrilled about this last-minute change of plans, to say the least.

The White House insists that its commitment to Ukraine remains strong despite Biden’s absence at the summit. But Ukraine’s President Zelensky isn’t holding back his disappointment, calling Biden’s absence a gift to Vladimir Putin. The tension between Kyiv and Washington is palpable, with Zelensky feeling let down after expecting Biden to attend, especially following his presence at the D-Day 80th anniversary in France.

The peace summit in Switzerland aims to bring together leaders from over 100 countries to support Zelensky’s peace plan. Zelensky made it clear that he believes Biden’s presence is crucial for the success of the summit, emphasizing how Putin would only applaud Biden’s absence. He also called out China for allegedly trying to sabotage the event at the behest of Russia, painting a disturbing picture of global power dynamics at play.

As Biden mingles with the Hollywood crowd at the fundraiser, his reelection campaign funding seems to be getting a boost. With popular names like George Clooney, Julia Roberts, and Barack Obama in attendance, it’s no wonder Biden is prioritizing this event. However, Ukraine’s disappointment and Zelensky’s thinly veiled criticism may leave a bitter taste in the mouths of those hoping for a strong show of support from the United States.

Written by Staff Reports

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