Biden Slams Trump, Appears Soft as Anti-Israel Protesters Take Over 5th Ave

In a recent fundraiser in New York City, President Joe Biden took a jab at former President Donald Trump, calling him an “existential threat.” Biden claims that Trump would try to undo everything his administration has done, but the real existential threat, according to Biden, is the environment. As a conservative writer, it’s clear to see that Biden is just using this rhetoric to attack Trump and distract from his own failures.

Meanwhile, outside the Metropolitan Museum of Art, anti-Israel protesters blocked Fifth Avenue, causing disruptions during Biden’s third fundraising stop. These protesters were criticizing Biden’s support for Israel’s response to Hamas terrorists. It’s ironic that these protesters would choose to make their voices heard during a fundraiser for a president who has been weak on foreign policy. Biden should be focusing on protecting American interests and not pandering to anti-Israel sentiments.

The protesters wore shirts that said “Jews say ceasefire now!” How hypocritical is that? They claim to support peace, but they are calling for a ceasefire without acknowledging the terrorist acts committed by Hamas. It’s a dangerous mindset that these protesters have, and Biden should be condemning their actions, not embracing them.

Despite the disruptions, the event went on as scheduled after police removed the protesters. It’s essential for law and order to prevail, and I applaud the police for handling the situation. However, it’s a shame that these kinds of protests are even happening in the first place. Biden should be meeting with business leaders to discuss pro-American policies, not catering to radical anti-Israel sentiments.

Biden also used his second fundraiser to fearmonger about the possibility of Trump’s return to the presidency. He called it a “nightmare” and claimed that the American people are the reason Trump lost. As a conservative, I can’t help but roll my eyes at these comments. Biden might want to divert attention from his own shortcomings, but the American people are smarter than that. We know that Trump’s policies were beneficial for this country, and Biden’s fearmongering won’t change that fact.

Written by Staff Reports

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