Biden Threatens 2024 Campaign Focus on Immigration if GOP Balks

President Joe Biden declares that he will make immigration the main topic of his 2024 campaign if GOP Senators refuse to support his pro-migration bill. He endured an outburst at the White House, stating, “If the bill fails, I want to be absolutely clear about something. The American people are going to know why it fails. I’ll be taking this issue to the country … Every day between now and November, the American people are going to know that the only reason the border is not secure is Donald Trump and his MAGA Republican friends.”

Biden’s determination to push immigration to the forefront of the campaign has sparked a response from Chris Chmielenski, president of the Immigration Accountability Project, who pointed out that the immigration chaos began under Biden’s leadership. Chmielenski emphasized that Americans understood the detrimental impact of the current immigration system, which inundates the country with an excess of workers for low-skilled jobs and displaces American employees in the workforce.

Further adding to the controversy, Biden referenced the support for his migration-expanding bill from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Wall Street Journal, highlighting their endorsements. However, many Americans do not want business groups to dictate the nation’s immigration system, as they fear it will place American workers at a disadvantage and negatively impact the economy.

In response to the GOP Senators’ decision not to support the bill, McConnell dismissed the open borders bill as having “no real chance” to pass and emphasized that a vote for the bill would effectively endorse Biden’s open-border policies. Moreover, recent polls have indicated public support for reduced migration, especially in terms of labor migration.

The news reports further encompass Biden’s push for amnesties in the 2024 campaign, solidifying his stance on immigration reform, including permanent protections and a pathway to citizenship for young DREAMers. However, the public’s sentiment reveals a lack of confidence in Biden’s migration policy, with low approval ratings on immigration issues.

The federal government’s reliance on Extraction Migration as an economic strategy has highlighted concerns about its impact on the workforce, including the displacement of native-born Americans from career opportunities and a reduction in productivity. This approach has also drawn criticism for potentially exacerbating economic disparities and creating social and political divisions.

In summary, the contentious debate over immigration policy continues to unfold as President Biden seeks to spotlight the issue as a focal point of his 2024 campaign. The clash between political agendas and public sentiment underscores the complexity of immigration reform and its far-reaching implications for American society.

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