Biden Threatens Congress With “Holy War” If His Bill Is Rejected

At a ceremony held in Delaware on Friday, President Joe Biden talked about the reasons he supported the PACT Act, which aimed to address the toxic chemicals issue.

He often talks about the death of his eldest child, Beau, as well as his experience with toxic burn pits while deployed in the Middle East. During his speech, Biden became emotional while talking about his son’s death.

The PACT Act was signed by Biden in the summer, during his most successful stretch as the president. It provided health insurance coverage to veterans who have been exposed to toxic chemicals, such as those used in the burn pits where Beau Biden was diagnosed with cancer.

During his speech, “Biden thanked the veterans and their families for their service to the country. He noted that the country as a whole made a promise to those who served.”

“During his speech, Biden threatened the members of Congress if they didn’t pass the burn pit bill. He said he would go on a holy war if they didn’t pass it.”

You can watch Biden’s remarks in full below.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Washington Examiner.

Written by Staff Reports

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