Biden Trembles: New CNN Poll Predicts a Rocky Road to 2024!

A new CNN poll has delivered some not-so-pleasant news to President Joe Biden as the 2024 presidential election looms closer. The poll, conducted by SSRS on Tuesday, reveals that former President Donald Trump is narrowly leading Biden among registered voters, with 49% supporting Trump and 45% backing Biden. This could be a major blow to Biden’s re-election prospects.

The poll also indicates that a majority of Americans, 61%, believe that Biden is actually part of the problem when it comes to dealing with the country’s issues. This sentiment is likely to further damage Biden’s image and could sway voters away from supporting him in the upcoming election.

Furthermore, the CNN poll reveals that the majority of Americans, approximately 72%, believe that things in the country are going badly. This is a significant increase from March 2021, when the number stood at 60%. Such widespread dissatisfaction can be concerning for any incumbent president seeking re-election.

Interestingly, the poll shows that 51% of voters claim they will not vote for Biden in 2024, while 48% express a similar sentiment towards Trump. Additionally, it seems that the support among younger voters is shifting, as 48% of those under 35 years old now support Trump, while 47% back Biden. In the previous election, Biden had a 21-point advantage among the same age group. These numbers indicate a potential loss of support for the president among younger voters.

Another worrying statistic from the poll is the perception of each candidate’s stamina and fitness to serve as president. Only 25% of Americans believe Biden has the required stamina, compared to 53% who believe Trump does. Even among Democrats, only 51% believe Biden has the necessary physical fitness to hold the highest office.

This CNN poll adds to a growing number of surveys that are painting an unfavorable picture for Biden, particularly in swing states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Moreover, the president’s approval rating among his own party has decreased to a new low of 75%, representing an 11-point drop since October. Although Biden remains the current frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination, there are concerns among his allies that his campaign is not taking the polls and other warning signs into account. The president’s seeming disregard for these indicators could prove to be a costly mistake.

In fact, Biden’s campaign is not just disregarding the polls; it is also failing to address potential issues, according to The Washington Post. Allies of the president are expressing worries that he may be losing the support of black voters, a key demographic that heavily supported him in the previous election. One strategist even stated, “We should be scared. We should be terrified about what might happen.”

Overall, this CNN poll reflects a challenging landscape for President Biden as he faces an increasingly uphill battle for re-election. With Trump narrowly leading in support among registered voters, Biden’s overall approval rating slipping within his own party, and concerns about the loss of critical voter blocs, the president must take decisive action if he hopes to secure another term in office. The road ahead looks tough, but as they say, anything can happen in politics

Written by Staff Reports

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