Biden Was Acting Very Weird During His Trip To Puerto Rico

Joe Biden visited Ponce, Puerto Rico on Monday to assess the area's damage caused by Hurricane Fiona. He is thereafter scheduled to travel to Florida to assess the hurricane Ian's damage.

He made some odd comments while he was there, including playing up his "Puerto Rican" origins and declaring that he was "Puerto Rican politically," as we have reported. Due to Puerto Rico being a member of the "Third Circuit," he claimed to have visited there before. However, Puerto Rico is a member of the First Circuit Court of Appeals. So it was a mystery as to what he was even talking about. Even this attempt at pandering was a great leap for him since he had hardly any legal experience prior to being a senator and visiting the region a few times wouldn't automatically make you Puerto Rican. It irritates me so much that he panders to the crowds everywhere he goes rather than being straightforward and conveying his message, which in this case is to discuss relief for the area following the hurricane's floods. Not pandering, but that is what people want to hear.

But there were other odd things about his visit as well. He continues to say and do odd things, as we have seen with several of his most recent statements.

While everyone else, including his wife Jill, continued to walk when he stepped out to deliver his remarks in Ponce, Joe merely seemed to halt and roll up his sleeves while staring at the ground. He briefly appeared to be completely lost in space, which was really strange.

I reasoned that the odd action might be explained if Biden had been looking for his footprint on the ground. He appeared to be seeking for a place to stand at least once before, during the White House's Rosh Hashanah event, as I previously mentioned. What does it mean when they have to draw lines to indicate where he should stand? Actors might do that, but I've never seen it with politicians making straightforward statements. They must be going to great efforts to restrain his movements if they're acting in that manner. After several instances of him becoming lost, that happened. However, when I viewed a video that showed the ground, I was unable to see anything, thus that defence was also invalid. He was merely strangely gazing at the floor. I'm not sure what he was staring at because I couldn't see anything there. Deanna Criswell, the director of FEMA, can be seen staring at him as she passes (she's the blonde in the collared shirt), obviously confused by what the hell he's doing. When he got lost in the FEMA headquarters, she was there.

In addition, Biden strangely hurried up a few of his sentences and glanced behind him as he spoke. When he started, he referenced an impending storm, but after that, he droned on and on for a while without really getting to the purpose of the assistance he was providing. He then abruptly attempted to speak at the speed of light.

Then he slowed down and continued to drone. Then he picked up his pace once more.

You keep your speech brief if you anticipate a storm. You don't continue to drone and then accelerate. Just so strange.

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