Bidenomics at Work: Higher Oil, Gas Prices Haunting the White House!

In a recent interview on Bloomberg’s “Sound On,” White House Special Presidential Coordinator for Global Infrastructure and Energy Security, Amos Hochstein, made the outrageous and laughable claim that the surge in oil and gas prices is partially due to “Bidenomics working.” This is a prime example of the delusional thinking that permeates the Biden administration.

Hochstein attempted to argue that the strong economy under Biden’s policies has increased demand for oil and gas, thus leading to higher prices. But anyone with a basic understanding of economics knows that higher prices are not a sign of success, but rather a burden on American families. It is shocking that the White House would try to spin skyrocketing gas prices as a positive outcome of their policies.

Furthermore, blaming OPEC for the price increase is simply a cop-out. The Biden administration has done nothing to address America’s reliance on foreign oil and has failed to take any meaningful action to boost domestic energy production. Instead, they have halted pipeline projects and imposed burdensome regulations on our energy industry, making us more dependent on foreign nations for our energy needs.

It is clear that the Biden administration is more interested in appeasing their radical environmentalist allies than in promoting America’s energy independence and protecting American consumers. The fact that they are now trying to paint higher oil and gas prices as a success is both insulting and absurd. American families are feeling the pain at the pump, and they deserve better than hollow excuses from incompetent politicians.

Written by Staff Reports

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