Biden’s $20M Scandal: Impeachment Looms as McCarthy Exposes Family Corruption

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy announced that he would launch an impeachment investigation into the "Biden brand" partnership between President Joe Biden and his son Hunter. This marks the first time that someone has exposed the corruption within the Biden family.

McCarthy held a press conference where he revealed that President Biden had been lying about his knowledge of the foreign business dealings of his family. According to records, over $20 million was sent to the Biden family through shell companies. Moreover, a trusted FBI informant claimed that the president and his family received a bribe.

The White House tried to defend the president by releasing a memo, which tried to downplay the evidence. It also tried to discredit the House Republicans. The media should wake up and see that this is a transparent attempt to protect the president.

It's time for the media outlets to stop giving the Joe Biden administration a pass. After conducting their own investigation, House Republicans did not find evidence of wrongdoing by the former vice president. This should serve as a red flag for reporters who claim to be unbiased and independent. Instead of playing the "he said, she Said" game, reporters should dig deeper into the allegations being made by the White House.

The goal of the House Republican majority is to impeach the president based on baseless allegations. The evidence has shown that these allegations are not credible. It's clear that their motivation is to gain political advantage, and the media should stop feeding the narrative created by the Democrats.

Despite the White House's attempts to spin the situation, the evidence against Biden still remains. The people of the US have a right to know what is happening in their government, and it's time for the Biden administration to come clean.

Written by Staff Reports

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