Biden’s Age Expose: Dems Nervous as Memory Fades Spark Election Fears

The Democrats are starting to sweat over the doubts creeping into folks’ minds about whether President Joe Biden is too old to snag another term in November. Party bigwigs and Democratic lawmakers, who’ve been doing some fancy footwork to defend the president’s knack for flubbing it up since the get-go of his 2020 campaign, are fielding all sorts of questions about whether he’s up to the task.

This hullabaloo hit the headlines last week when special counsel Robert Hur’s report on Biden’s whoopsie with some hush-hush materials accused the president of suffering from some doozy memory lapses. The report even singled out examples from Biden’s sit-down with the investigators, and drummed up the goods to explain why they’re giving him a break. The report flat-out said the president couldn’t recall “even within several years” when his son Beau Biden passed away, not to mention a few other important dates.


Of course, the president and his crew didn’t take too kindly to these jabs, and they’ve been hammering back at the idea that age is slowing ol’ Joe down. Now, Democrats on Capitol Hill are quick to pipe up and pledge their ongoing support for Biden’s reelection plans, but a few of them are ‘fessing up to feeling a tad antsy about the situation.

Senator John Hickenlooper, from the state of Colorado, was honest about his nerves, saying, “I’m jittery, but I reckon people will do the right thing.” And when asked whether he’s worried about the Republicans running wild with the story that the president’s not cutting the mustard, Hickenlooper said, “They’ve been yammering about that forever. There are Democrats gossiping about it.”

And then there’s Senator John Fetterman, chipping in from Pennsylvania, owning up that “some people are” fretting about the president’s chances, but he figures those are “mostly” Democrats with an ax to grind.

Senator Joe Manchin, from West Virginia, chimed in, floating the idea of choosing a president based on good ol’ character, rather than just memory smarts. Meanwhile, President Biden himself brushed off the hoo-ha in Hur’s report, calling shenanigans on the whole thing and asserting his own capabilities at a press gathering at the White House last week.

Now, Vice President Kamala Harris, also known as the former big shot lawyer from California, called Hur’s report a whole bunch of hogwash, saying it was “politically motivated” and not at all on the level. She even took a swipe at Hur’s depiction of Biden’s behavior during those interviews, saying it’s a whole bunch of baloney.

Written by Staff Reports

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