Biden’s Age Vanishes in Photoshop Fail, Desperate Dems Exposed!

In a desperate attempt to cover up the glaring truth about President Biden’s age, Democrat influencers were recently caught playing around with photoshop to make him appear younger. But it seems like the President himself has joined in on the fun as well. Hold onto your hats folks, because this is the age of “Fake it till you make it.”

President Biden’s official Twitter account, @JoeBiden, decided to tweet out two images of Donald Trump and himself side by side. What a genius move, right? Well, not quite. The tweet featured a less than flattering picture of Trump on a golf course, next to a vibrant and confident image of Biden stepping off Air Force One. The caption read, “The last guy didn’t build a damn thing. We are.” Oh, the audacity!

But here’s the catch, folks. The picture of our dear President Biden had been photoshopped. And we’re not talking about subtle touch-ups here. No sir, this was the work of a Photoshop wizard who wanted to make Biden look like a cartoon character version of himself. His face was miraculously thinner, and all those pesky wrinkles that come with age magically disappeared. Quite the transformation, I must say!

Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty. The original picture of Biden was shared by the official White House Twitter account on March 28, 2023. When you put the original and the altered version side by side, the difference is as clear as day. It’s like comparing a Picasso painting to a child’s scribble. Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the point.

What does this desperate attempt to make Biden appear younger tell us about the state of the Democratic Party? Well, it’s not looking good, folks. They are clearly feeling the pressure and anxiety of having an older candidate at the helm. And can you blame them? Biden’s lead over Trump is shrinking faster than a melting ice cube on a scorching hot day. According to Real Clear Politics, he’s currently holding onto a measly one-point lead, down from a less-than-impressive two points in January.

To add fuel to the fire, an Associated Press poll revealed that a whopping 77% of Americans, including 69% of Democrats, believe that President Biden is too old for a second term. Ouch! Those numbers don’t lie, my friends. And when asked to describe Biden, voters came up with words like “old,” “outdated,” “aging,” and “elderly.” It seems like the American people have already made up their minds, and it’s not looking good for the President.

So, as hilarious as this photoshop fiasco may be, it speaks volumes about the concerns surrounding Biden’s age and fitness for office. The Democrats can shuffle pictures and play with filters all they want, but it won’t change the reality that President Biden is well beyond his prime. Maybe they should focus on finding a candidate who can actually appeal to the American people instead of relying on smoke and mirrors. Just a thought.

Written by Staff Reports

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