Ex-CIA Rogers Jumps into Michigan Senate Race, Liberals Tremble!

Former Michigan Republican Congressperson Mike Rogers has announced his candidacy for the GOP nomination to replace retiring Democrat Senator Debbie Stabenow. Rogers, who previously served as a United States Representative and chaired the House Intelligence Committee, is seen as a workhorse rather than a showhorse. As a conservative Republican, the writer believes that Rogers would be an upgrade compared to the current Democratic senators representing Michigan.

However, the writer acknowledges that Michigan is a deep blue state, and winning as a Republican candidate may be an uphill battle. Despite this, they express their support for Rogers and their desire to see more politicians like him in office. The writer also criticizes the Michigan GOP’s current financial situation, highlighting a recent report that indicates the party is in a dire state. They believe that these challenges make it difficult for a Republican candidate to succeed in a predominantly blue state like Michigan.

Overall, the writer conveys their disappointment with the current state of Michigan politics and expresses a sense of resignation about the prospects of a Republican winning a statewide election. They acknowledge that Rogers may face obstacles in the primary race, including questions about the events of January 6th and Donald Trump’s victory in Michigan. Despite these challenges, the writer wishes Rogers well and expresses a willingness to vote for him if he secures the GOP nomination.

Written by Staff Reports

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