Biden’s Border Blunder: Chief Owens Blasts Unchecked Migrant Mayhem!

President Joe Biden’s reckless policies have turned the United States into a playground for illegal migrants. U.S. Border Patrol Chief Jason Owens, with an impressive 28 years of service under his belt, is sounding the alarm about the never-ending influx of illegal migrants swarming across the southern border, thanks to Biden’s open door policy. In an interview with Martha MacCallum, Owens lamented the utter lack of border security, exacerbating the chaos fueled by Biden’s dangerous policies.

As the chief of the Border Patrol, Owens has a front-row seat to the disaster unfolding at the border. He is desperate for Congress to equip the agency with the necessary resources to stem the tide of illegal immigration. Owens stressed the dire need for more manpower, advanced technology, and improved infrastructure to fortify the border. He emphasized that the Border Patrol’s mission is not to process asylum seekers but to manage the unrelenting surge of migrants bypassing legal ports of entry, falling prey to ruthless smugglers and cartels.

Owens fearfully relayed that the lack of situational awareness leaves agents clueless about the staggering number of migrants slipping through undetected, with many possessing criminal backgrounds or sinister motives. This unchecked influx poses a grave threat to American communities, as drug traffickers and criminals exploit the overwhelmed border to gain entry into the country.


Written by Staff Reports

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