Biden’s Buffet: Border Chaos Unleashed by Title 42 Fiasco

Oh boy, hold onto your hats, folks! We’ve got ourselves a good ol’ illegal immigration crisis! That’s right, the floodgates are wide open, and the Biden administration seems more interested in playing the blame game than actually doing anything about it. You see, when they stopped enforcing Title 42, it was like releasing a horde of hungry teenagers into an all-you-can-eat buffet. They couldn’t resist the temptation, and now the consequences are crashing along the border like a tidal wave.

Now, the Biden folks want you to believe that they’re making progress. They’ve got this fancy CBP One app for people to make asylum claims at ports of entry. But let me tell you, folks, this app is about as effective as a screen door on a submarine. Sure, it might move some people to the crossing points, but they’re making questionable claims for asylum. It’s like giving a free ticket to Disneyland to anyone who can come up with a half-decent sob story. And let me tell you, the stories these folks come up with would make even Hollywood screenwriters blush.

But that’s not all, folks. Not only is this app a joke, but migrants in Mexico are getting tired of waiting. Can you blame them? It’s like waiting in line for the latest iPhone, except instead of a shiny new gadget, they’re waiting for the chance to illegally enter the United States. And when that chance finally comes, it’s like winning the jackpot. They cross the border, get processed by Border Patrol, and then, instead of facing any consequences, they’re dropped off at Catholic Charities. It’s like a never-ending gravy train, and it’s making a mockery of our immigration system.

But the chaos doesn’t stop at the border, folks. Oh no, it seeps into the rest of the country like a virus. Sanctuary cities, those liberal havens that prioritize the well-being of illegal immigrants over the safety of their own residents, are feeling the strain. Take New York City, for example. They’re running out of space in their shelters, so what do they do? They open up more in neighborhoods that don’t want them. Talk about a slap in the face to hardworking Americans who are struggling to make ends meet.

And let’s not forget about Chicago, folks. They’ve received around 12,000 processed and released migrants in just one year. Can you imagine? That’s like inviting the entire population of a small town to move into your city. It’s no wonder the aldermen are calling for migrants to be sent elsewhere. Mayor Brandon Johnson might think he’s being a humanitarian, but all he’s doing is burdening his city even more.

So there you have it, folks. The border crisis is real, and it’s wreaking havoc on our country. The Biden administration needs to wake up and take some real action. But until they do, all we can do is hold on tight and hope that the next wave of illegal immigration doesn’t wash away everything we hold dear.

Written by Staff Reports

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