Biden’s Dog Bites AGAIN – WH Staff in Peril!

In a display of unruly behavior, Joe Biden’s dog, Commander, has once again sunk his teeth into an innocent victim. This time, it was Dale Haney, a dedicated White House groundskeeper who has faithfully served for fifty years. The incident occurred while Haney was innocently playing with the President’s mischievous German Shepherd.

Commander’s notorious biting spree has been making headlines, especially due to his attacks on Secret Service agents, some of whom have even been hospitalized. Despite this, the White House has failed to take responsibility for their pet’s actions, instead blaming the “stressful environment” that agents operate in on the White House grounds. It’s astounding to witness the lack of support towards our hardworking Secret Service agents while they face harm protecting our leaders.

In a recent report by Politico, an absurd excuse for Commander’s behavior emerged: Secret Service agents allegedly provoke the dog with their body language. It’s laughable that the blame is being placed on the very individuals who put their lives on the line to protect our President and his family. The suggestion that these brave agents are intentionally antagonizing the pup is outright ridiculous.

Former White House staffers even joined the canine defense brigade, claiming they have never had any issues with Commander. However, their blind loyalty to the President leads them to ignore the clear pattern of aggression this dog has exhibited. It seems Commander has a peculiar “appetite” for the President’s bodyguards, which should be deeply concerning.

To add insult to injury, Commander struck once again on September 13, sinking his teeth into 71-year-old Dale Haney’s arm. Haney has diligently tended to the White House grounds, including walking presidential pets, since the time of President Nixon. It’s disheartening to witness such an experienced and dedicated individual fall victim to Commander’s uncontrolled aggression.

Despite replacing his previous dog, Major, due to similar biting issues, President Biden has been slow to address Commander’s behavior. It’s clear that his lackadaisical approach towards this problem is creating an unsafe environment for those around the dog. The blame should not be shifted to the “unpredictable nature of the White House grounds” but rather placed squarely on the President himself for his failure to take effective action.

Disturbingly, Judicial Watch, a respected conservative watchdog group, has uncovered a series of emails documenting ten previous attacks by Commander between October 2022 and January 2023. One officer was even hospitalized after being bitten on the arm and thigh, compelled to use a steel cart as protection during a second attack. Such incidents are no laughing matter. It’s clear that if Commander were not the President’s dog, he would have faced the consequences already.

It’s time for President Biden to prioritize the safety of those around him, including his loyal Secret Service agents and innocent White House staff. Commander’s biting spree cannot be disregarded as a simple nuisance or excused by blaming others. The conservative watchdog group’s findings only serve to underscore the urgent need for swift and decisive action. Otherwise, the White House may become more like a circus than the prestigious institution it should be.

Written by Staff Reports

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