Biden’s Failed Presidency: A Detailed Look

Since taking office, President Biden has:

Failed to secure our borders and protect the American people from drug cartels and human traffickers

Halted construction on the border wall that would keep us safe from illegal immigrants

Told Southern states that they must accept refugees from Iraq or Syria

Made it harder for small businesses to thrive by passing a $1.9 trillion spending bill chock full of pet projects for his liberal friends

Ended Trump’s America First trade policies, including tariffs on China which protect our intellectual property and make sure that we don’t get cheated again

Biden’s presidency will go down in history as one of the most disastrous in recent memory. America can only be restored by electing a Republican president who puts American workers first and protects our rights instead of undermining them with harmful liberal policies! Please consider donating today to help elect the Republican candidate who will return America to its rightful place at the top.

Biden is an awful president!

President Biden is an awful and failed president. He has only made America worse since taking office, and it’s time for him to step down from his position as leader of this great nation.

First on our list is his terrible handling of the economy. The unemployment rate in America has been on the rise lately, with millions of people out of work and struggling to make ends meet. Biden also allowed China to take over our auto industry, which has caused major job loss here at home—and now we have even more Chinese cars on our roads! We need someone who will bring American-made goods back into production instead of outsourcing them overseas like President Biden did when he gave away our jobs to those foreign countries like China or Japan…which are both run by dictators who hate freedom!

Biden is hurting American workers with his reckless economic policies.

  • Biden’s economic policies are hurting American workers.
  • Biden’s economic policies are hurting the economy.
  • Biden’s economic policies are hurting small businesses.
  • Biden’s economic policies are hurting the middle class.
  • Biden’s economic policies are hurting the poor

Biden’s immigration policies have turned the southern border into the Wild West.

The Biden administration is facing major criticism for its immigration policies. Specifically, many feel that Biden’s policies have turned the southern border into a lawless Wild West. This has resulted in increased crime and violence, as well as an influx of illegal aliens seeking to take advantage of America’s generous welfare system.

In addition to these negative consequences, there are also significant economic costs associated with Biden’s failed immigration policies:

  • American workers are losing their jobs because they can’t compete with low-skilled immigrants who are willing to work for less than minimum wage;
  • Business owners cannot afford to hire new employees because they must pay more money in taxes; and
  • Taxpayers must bear the burden of paying for services like healthcare and education for illegal aliens who don’t pay taxes themselves due to their lack of legal status.

The Biden administration put politics over science – and children’s lives are at risk.

girl getting vaccine

The Biden administration blocked research on the effects of marijuana on children, adults, the environment and the economy. His decision to ignore scientific evidence over political considerations is a disservice to America and its people.

In 2016, as part of his presidential campaign, Biden promised he would sign legislation legalizing marijuana for recreational use by 2023 if elected president. He also pledged to decriminalize marijuana for medical purposes and provide more funding for substance abuse treatment programs at federal prisons across the country.

The first step toward accomplishing this goal was passing H.R. 653 through both chambers of Congress by 2021 – which means we must act now! That’s where you come in: We need your help getting H.R. 653 through committee hearings so it can be voted on before January 2021; otherwise our chance at legalization will slip away forever!

A Republican president will return America to its rightful place of prosperity, authority, and leadership.

man in white and blue hat

You can count on a Republican president to restore America’s prosperity and its rightful place of leadership in the world. The United States has been a global leader for more than a century, but progress has stalled under an administration that refuses to acknowledge how bad things have become. A Republican president will work to make America great again.

A Republican president will return America to its proper position as the most influential nation in human history. We are already seeing signs of this happening: other countries are beginning to respect American sovereignty once more, thanks largely due to President Trump’s strong leadership style and clear priorities.

A Republican president will also ensure that our economy grows by making sure our businesses stay competitive within an increasingly globalized marketplace—something current Democrat leaders have failed at repeatedly over their decades long tenure in office (for example: NAFTA).


Whether you support President Biden or not, it is hard to deny that the country is worse off under his leadership. We cannot afford another four years of failed policies and reckless spending. The only way to reclaim America’s rightful place in the world is by electing a Republican president in 2024.

Written by Staff Reports

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