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Nowhere in New York City is Safe! A Man Was Murdered While On His Way To Brunch.

It is just no longer safe for anyone in New York City — not anyplace. There is no exception. People are being killed, and lawbreakers are making headway in their efforts to take control of the streets.

The age of Daniel Enriquez is 48 years old.

On Sunday, a man who had done nothing wrong and was simply on his way to brunch was gunned down and killed on a New York City Q train that was leaving the Canal Street Station. This comes several weeks after an attack on the metro by terrorists, as well as daily acts of violence.

On Sunday, Daniel Enriquez, 48 years old, was fatally shot by an assailant. His sister said, “It’s horrific, this is a horror movie,” referring to the situation.

According to later statements made by the police, Daniel Enriquez, 48, was struck in the chest by a single shot fired by an assailant who was standing in the middle of the vehicle and fired the shot unprovoked.

The act was random and senseless, and while many tried to take cover, the perpetrator of the crime ran away. Before the shooting, the victim and his assailant did not engage in any conversation with one another.

“According to witnesses, the suspect was walking back and forth in the same train car and, without any provocation, pulled out a gun and fired it at the victim at close range as the train was crossing the Manhattan Bridge,” Chief Corey said. “The incident occurred as the train was travelling over the Manhattan Bridge.”

No one in New York City should go out in this weather.

We can only hope that the union members were able to keep the cameras operational this time. The person who murdered them is still at large.

Mayor Eric Adams is shifting those who are homeless from one location to another but is not keeping dangerous ones in jail. Bail reform is a dismal failure under the current administration in New York City and in Albany, both of which have a pro-criminal bent.

Griselda Vile, Mr. Enriquez’s sister, stated in an interview that her brother had avoided taking the subway for the majority of the pandemic out of concern for his health. Mr. Enriquez lived in Park Slope and was on his way to brunch in Manhattan when he was killed.

She stated that her brother, who works for Goldman Sachs, had sent a text message to his family approximately an hour before the attack in order to inquire on the wellbeing of their parents, who are in their seventies and have not been feeling well recently. She stated that just a few moments later, he texted them personally.

We are not safe, but those who commit crimes are.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Independent Sentinel.

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