Biden’s Inflation Fiesta: More Clueless Than Ever?

This week, Joe Biden and his cabinet marked one year since the "Inflation Reduction Act" was passed. Although it supposedly aimed to help the middle class, it has done little to reduce inflation or address the concerns of American families. It was clear from the beginning that the president's priorities were out of whack.

The legislation was a way to implement his radical environmental agenda and kill the fossil fuel industry. In addition, John Podesta, who was a White House official, admitted during a briefing that the law was merely a “massive piece” of climate legislation.

Despite the progress that Chuck Schumer is making in convincing us that the Affordable Care Act is not yet a disaster, it's clear that things are only going to get worse. According to recent reports, inflation is rising, and gas prices have gone up even further.

Despite the law's failure, Biden still managed to celebrate it. It's a slap in the face of American families, who have endured years of high inflation and stagnant wages as a result of his administration's reckless policies.

The Federal Reserve has had to increase interest rates in order to combat Biden's inflation, which makes it even more difficult for Americans to achieve their dreams of starting a small business or paying off their debts. Way to Joe.

You can celebrate, Biden. The American people are not fooled by your claims about how the government can spend billions of dollars and add trillions to the national debt. The American people are seeing through your empty promises and phony legislation. It's yet another example of how Biden has failed as a leader.

Written by Staff Reports

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