Biden’s Last-Minute Border Order Fails as Thousands Cross Illegally ahead of Election

President Joe Biden faced significant challenges after implementing a last-minute order to tighten the southern border before the upcoming election. Despite the executive order intended to limit asylum seekers’ access, the plan appeared to have unintended consequences as hundreds of illegal immigrants were observed entering the United States through openings in the border wall along the San Diego area.

Customs Border and Protection officials informed Fox News that nearly 4,000 illegal immigrants were apprehended on the first full day of the executive order. This figure excluded “gotaways,” individuals who manage to evade apprehension. Additionally, approximately 1,500 crossings occurred at designated ports of entry.

Moreover, it was revealed that not all individuals attempting to enter the country were seeking asylum, as some admitted to coming for work and family reasons. This contradicted President Biden’s narrative that all border crossers were asylum seekers.

Further scrutiny emerged when former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki acknowledged that the executive order was issued to address a perceived vulnerability leading up to the election. Psaki described the situation as a “political vulnerability” for the president and his campaign, indicating that the decision was influenced by political considerations.

Despite the administration’s efforts to deter illegal immigration, reports from the San Diego sector indicated that the executive order had little to no impact. Large groups of individuals continued to cross the border without apprehension, raising concerns about the effectiveness of the border control measures.

As the border situation unfolds, it remains a prominent issue for voters in the 2024 election cycle, with a focus on maintaining border security and addressing the influx of illegal immigration. The challenges faced by the Biden administration in handling the southern border underscore the complexities of immigration policy and border control.

Written by Staff Reports

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