Biden’s Week of Political Catastrophe Sparks Internal Party Revolt

Joe Biden just experienced a bruising week that would have left any seasoned political survivor questioning their future. First, he got steamrolled by Donald Trump in the last debate, looking more like a confused grandpa lost at the mall than a Commander-in-Chief. Then, adding salt to the wound, he faced a verbal drubbing from within his own party and their top donors, questioning his ability to run for another term. Biden’s age and cognitive hiccups have long been a topic of whispered jokes, but now, it’s front and center. The Democrats are in meltdown mode, desperately trying to convince everyone that Sleepy Joe is still sharp as a tack while their own base is chanting for him to step aside.

CNN’s Harry Enten might offer some hopeful crumbs for Biden, but that’s little solace when the guy’s presidency hangs by a thread—especially if he’s failing the “mentally fit” test. Old Joe allegedly told his BFFs that his campaign is on life support, an admission that’s got to sting, considering it’s coming from the New York Times. When even lefty outlets start doubting you can keep the ship above water, you know things are dire.

Now, Biden’s scrambling. He’s got appearances lined up faster than a Kardashian ~reality show~ rerun, trying to salvage his credibility. Indeed, if he can’t knock it out of the park during his next few public outings, including that softball interview with George Stephanopoulos, it may be game over. But let’s be real, the ABC interview isn’t even live. They’re slicing and dicing it like a bad horror flick to make him look somewhat coherent. Maybe they’re hoping no one notices the extra layers of lipstick on this very senile pig.

Of course, the big player stepping back into the scene is none other than Barack Obama. The former President is weighing in with party elites, pondering whether Joe’s presidential path has hit a dead end. Maybe Obama’s realizing that the “Challenger-like explosion” of Biden’s debate performance isn’t something even Democratic spin doctors can handle. Frustration is bubbling over in Democrat circles where pragmatic voices (if such a thing exists) are getting louder, pushing for a Hail Mary pass to replace Biden.

To compound the circus, an internal poll was leaked showing Biden getting clobbered by Trump in all key battleground states. Even reliable blue states like New Hampshire and Maine are slipping away. And let’s not forget this survey came from a progressive polling firm. When 40 percent of your 2020 voters think you should bow out, it doesn’t take a political sage to see the writing on the wall.

Lastly, the Biden camp’s feeble attempts to counter the NYT story have been laughable. A White House flack, Andrew Bates, tried to discredit the Times, but not even their staunchest allies are buying what they’re selling. Maybe they’re regretting those times they parroted Trump’s “fake news” line. Meanwhile, Trump is likely kicking back, enjoying the spectacle, and raking in the political capital from all this Democratic chaos.

Does Biden make it through the week unscathed? At this point, it looks like even Vegas wouldn’t take those odds.

Written by Staff Reports

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