Bizarre Biden Strikes Again: Odd Remarks to Young Child at Military Event!

Joe Biden’s schedule this weekend was a clear display of his lack of concern for the serious issues facing our country. Instead of addressing the American hostages being held by Hamas terrorists, Biden decided to spend his time at a showing of “Wonka” and a “Friendsgiving” event with military families. It’s outrageous that he would prioritize his own entertainment and personal events over the safety and well-being of our citizens.

When asked about the hostages, Biden gave a flippant response, claiming he was not in a position to provide any information. As the leader of our nation, he should be informed and actively working to secure the release of these Americans. Instead, he seems clueless and disconnected from the reality of the situation.

During the Friendsgiving event, Biden’s remarks were disorganized and nonsensical. He stumbled through a story about his late son, Beau, before realizing he shouldn’t be talking about himself. It’s clear that his handlers have instructed him to avoid certain topics, but his lack of self-control is evident in his rambling and inappropriate comments.

Perhaps the most concerning moment came when Biden approached a young girl and commented on her appearance. It is not only creepy but completely inappropriate for a grown man to make remarks about a child’s ears. This is not the first time Biden has made strange comments to little girls, and it’s clear that he has a disturbing pattern of behavior.

It’s time for Biden to take responsibility for his actions and start acting like the leader he claims to be. The American people deserve better than a president who prioritizes his own amusement over critical issues and continues to make inappropriate comments to children.

Written by Staff Reports

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