Blue City Doles out ‘Free Cash’ to Transgenders, Illegals!

San Francisco, known for its "progressive" approach, is once again making waves with a controversial initiative. The city's latest plan involves providing guaranteed incomes to transgender individuals, using taxpayer funds to offer monthly stipends.

According to documents uncovered by Judicial Watch, San Francisco is directing tax funds to support black and Latino transgender individuals, including those who are biologically male, through the "Guaranteed Income for Trans People" (GIFT) program. Notably, this program is open to illegal immigrants as well. This has raised concerns among hardworking citizens who feel their tax dollars are being allocated to support individuals breaking the law.

San Francisco Mayor London Breed has expressed support for this initiative, citing a desire to create a more "just city" and assist those in need. However, critics argue that the needs of hardworking taxpayers who are also struggling seem to be overlooked in favor of a specific subset of the population.

The San Francisco Office of Transgender Initiatives fully endorses this plan, contending that transgender individuals in the city face higher rates of poverty and discrimination. Nevertheless, some question whether providing financial aid is the most effective solution. They suggest that the city should focus on creating more job opportunities and improving education for everyone, regardless of gender identity.

Adding to the controversy, San Francisco is planning to introduce two more guaranteed income programs, this time targeting youth. This has raised concerns about a growing dependency on government financial support from a young age. Critics argue that San Francisco should prioritize fiscal responsibility and consider the financial burden imposed on taxpayers.

Written by Staff Reports

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