BOOM! John Kerry’s CCP Ties Now Under Investigation

The House Oversight Committee is investigating John Kerry, the current Climate Czar for the Biden administration and a former Secretary of State, for his involvement in private talks with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The Committee on Oversight and Accountability is looking into Kerry’s work as a special presidential envoy for climate (SPEC) and the connections of SPEC staff to external groups. The Chairman, James Comer, wrote a letter to Kerry expressing worries about his actions which could damage the economy, bypass congressional power, and pose a threat to foreign policy.

The letter also noted Kerry’s tendency to downplay the CCP’s human rights violations and antagonism against the United States while promoting climate negotiations that the CCP is not interested in. Comer requested that Kerry provide documents and information to understand his role and provide necessary transparency over SPEC and its activities. He asked Kerry to respond to Committee requests by February 16, 2023, after he ignored a January 20th deadline.

Kerry has been under scrutiny since the Trump administration for his secret negotiations with the Iranian regime. His involvement in negotiations with the CCP has raised further questions about his role in the Biden Administration. The House Oversight Committee is looking into Kerry’s activities to ensure that he is representing the United States’ interests and not undermining national security or wasting taxpayer dollars.

Kerry’s actions have caused a stir among members of Congress and the public alike. As a member of the President’s cabinet, it is essential that Kerry upholds the interests of the United States and does not engage in activities that could be detrimental to its citizens. The House Oversight Committee is taking steps to ensure that Kerry is held accountable for his actions and that transparency is provided regarding SPEC and its activities. It remains to be seen what will come of this investigation and how it will affect Kerry’s role in the Biden Administration.

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