Border Shutdown Drama: Distraction or Deliberate Loophole?

The much-touted emergency border “shutdown” in the establishment’s Border Act will not actually be a shutdown at all, according to a sneaky little clause buried in the bill. Surprise, surprise! The president’s homeland security has the final say on whether or not to activate the shutdown. So, it’s not really a shutdown if someone can just decide not to do it, right? It’s more like a “maybe we’ll shut down, maybe we won’t” kind of policy.

But wait, it gets even better (or worse, depending on your perspective). The requirements to trigger this non-shutdown are ridiculously high. It has to be way worse than what President Trump experienced in his first term. They raised the numbers and added all sorts of exemptions, making it practically impossible for a president to declare a border shutdown. It’s like they want the floodgates to stay open.

Of course, the supporters of this pro-migration legislation are praising this so-called shutdown trigger. It’s a catchy phrase that President Biden can boast about, and it’s what they claim most Americans want. But here’s the funny part: the trigger will rarely be pulled, it discounts many migrants, it expires in three years, and it has zero impact because it also creates a super fast and easy asylum process that will put millions of economic migrants on a fast track to citizenship. Sounds like a great deal!

And let’s not forget the loopholes in this already loophole-filled bill. There are exceptions to the “mandatory” trigger, including one that allows the Secretary of Homeland Security to ignore the trigger altogether. Oh, and the legislation conveniently exempts migrants from non-contiguous countries from being included in the trigger numbers. So only migrants from Canada and Mexico count. How convenient.

But hey, don’t worry, because the bill also creates an asylum corps that can hand out green cards like candy without any pesky judges getting in the way. It’s all part of the plan to have millions of migrants voting by 2030. Aren’t you excited? It’s like a party at the border!

In the end, this whole border shutdown charade is just a way for politicians to appease voters while doing absolutely nothing to secure our borders. But hey, at least they can say they tried, right? Good job, politicians. You really outdid yourselves this time.

Written by Staff Reports

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