Boston Mayor Targets Political Foes, Feeds Names to Police!

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu, a notorious far-left Democrat, has found herself in hot water yet again. This time, she has been caught red-handed compiling a list of her critics and handing it over to law enforcement. Talk about a Big Brother moment!

The list was brought into the public eye thanks to a records request made by Wu’s critics. In the email exchange between her former Director of Constituent Services, Dave Vittorini, and Boston Police Captain Robert Ciccolo, it was revealed that the list contained the names of prominent figures who have dared to speak out against Wu’s extreme agenda. This includes Boston City Council candidate Catherine Vitale, anti-vaccine activists who have been protesting Wu’s actions, and even restaurant owners who have opposed her disastrous policies.

Now, one would assume that there would be some valid reasoning behind compiling such a list, right? Well, think again. The email itself provided no explanation as to why these individuals were targeted. It seems that Wu’s disdain for criticism knows no bounds.

Of course, once the existence of the list was confirmed by Wu’s office, they attempted to play the victim card. They claimed that she had been subjected to “physical harassment” due to protests outside her home. Give us a break! It’s not surprising that someone with such radical ideas would face pushback from the community. But instead of addressing the concerns raised by her constituents, Wu decided to build a creepy dossier on her critics.

What’s particularly disturbing is that other members of Wu’s team were involved in this underhanded scheme. Aides Tiffany Chu and Brianna Millor were also included in the email chain. It’s clear that this list was compiled with the intention of suppressing dissent and intimidating those who dare to question Wu’s authority.

The excuses put forward by Wu’s spokesperson only serve to highlight the absurdity of the situation. They claimed that the list was created at the request of the Boston Police Department, as Wu had been harassed and physically intimidated by these individuals for months. However, they conveniently failed to provide any evidence to support these allegations. It seems like they are just trying to justify their Orwellian behavior.

It’s important to remember that Wu is a staunch far-left progressive who has shown little regard for the principles of free speech and open dialogue. This incident is just another example of her attempt to silence anyone who disagrees with her radical ideology. The people of Boston deserve a leader who is willing to listen to all voices and engage in productive debate, not someone who resorts to compiling enemies lists. It’s time for Wu to step down and make way for a mayor who truly represents the interests of the city.

Written by Staff Reports

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