BREAKING: JP Morgan Exec EXPOSED In Epstein Emails!

In 2010, Jes Staley, a former JP Morgan executive, sent an atypical email to Jeffrey Epstein, who had only been released from prison a year prior. Recently, a court filing from the U.S. Virgin Islands partially revealed these correspondences. The emails exchanged between Staley and Epstein spanned from 2008 to 2012 and contained obscure references to Disney characters as well as Epstein’s acquisition of them.

Staley and Epstein exchanged an email in which Staley wrote “That was fun. Say hi to Snow White.” Epstein then asked, “What character would you like next?” The U.S. Virgin Islands’ court filing also revealed that Epstein shared images of young women in suggestive positions. Staley responded with “Beauty and the Beast,” and Epstein reportedly replied, “well one side is available.” This led to the lawsuit’s claim that JP Morgan had a “close-up view of Epstein’s sex trafficking” and that the men’s communications discussed young women or girls procured by Epstein under the guise of Disney princesses.

The correspondence between Staley and Epstein has generated significant controversy, particularly as a lawsuit filed against JP Morgan by an alleged victim identified as Jane Doe 1 claimed that Staley “personally witnessed” Epstein’s abuse. Staley has refuted any knowledge of Epstein’s misconduct involving minors and women.

The exchange of emails between Staley and Epstein has prompted numerous inquiries about their connection. The purpose of Staley’s communication with Epstein, as well as the reason behind Epstein’s sharing of suggestive photographs of young women, remains unclear. Moreover, the significance of Staley’s remark “Say hi to Snow White” and his request for “Beauty and the Beast” are unknown.

The correspondence between Staley and Epstein has sparked significant controversy and conjecture. While it is evident that JP Morgan possessed some level of awareness regarding Epstein’s actions, the extent of their knowledge remains ambiguous. The exact involvement of Staley in this matter, or whether he had any awareness of Epstein’s conduct, is also unclear. However, the emails have undoubtedly triggered many queries and apprehension.

The preceding article is a summary of an article that originally appeared on The Daily Caller

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