BREAKING: Judge BLOCKS Biden’s ‘Mass Release’ Program For Immigrants

Late Thursday night, a federal judge did what the Biden administration is least prepared for- he blocked their plan to release thousands of illegal immigrants onto American streets without court dates or paperwork. Florida deserves a big round of applause for fighting against this dangerous plan.

The radical Democrats’ plan to let illegal immigrants run rampant in our cities was fortunately stopped. Thanks to the new court ruling, the Biden administration cannot release thousands of illegal immigrants onto the streets without court dates or paperwork. The ruling stated that Florida’s emergency motion for a temporary restraining order (TRO) has been approved, and it is a victory for American values.

The border has been out of control for the past two years, and tonight, it is about to get worse. The Title 42 order that has been keeping things under control expired at midnight. This expiration will result in an invasion of illegal immigrants – tens of thousands of them. They are reportedly staged at the Southwest Border, waiting for this expiration so they can enter the country. And that’s on top of tens of thousands of illegal immigrants who have reportedly crossed the border daily for the past few weeks, anticipating the expiry of Title 42.

To avoid overcrowding in detention facilities that are already at full capacity, the Biden administration thought of mass releasing illegal immigrants. This would further increase the risk of spreading COVID-19 and putting American citizens’ health in danger. Finally, a federal judge saw the senseless plan and stopped it from happening.

The chaos has already spread by midnight, but it would have gotten much worse if the court did not get involved. It is essential to keep enforcing our laws as they are and not let radical Democrats continue their destruction of this country. The fight is not over, and Florida should be celebrated for standing up and fighting against the Biden administration’s madness.

Written by Staff Reports

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