Bud Light Goes Woke? Embraces Transgender ‘Influencer’

Boycott Bud Light! The beer company has now joined the ranks of the “woke” corporations that are ruining America by embracing transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney. The company sent out beer packs featuring Mulvaney’s face to allegedly celebrate 365 days of girlhood in a feeble attempt to pander to the left.

Can you believe it? Mulvaney took to social media to promote a chance to win $15,000 from Bud Light by sharing a video with the hashtag #EasyCarryContest. Is the company so desperate for attention that it is willing to use a transgender influencer to gain traction and promote its products?

But wait, there’s more – Mulvaney also posted a video of themselves drinking Bud Light in a bathtub! This sort of crass display has no place in the world of beer, let alone in a bathtub.

It seems that Bud Light’s pandering to leftist ideology has gone too far for many conservative beer drinkers. Twitter users have expressed their outrage at the company’s recent social media promotions featuring Mulvaney.

It is time for patriotic Americans to stand up against this leftist indoctrination from corporations like Bud Light. Boycott their products and show them that real Americans value the traditional values and principles that made our country great.

Written by Staff Reports

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