C-SPAN Caught in Bias Scandal: Refuses to Air Critical Hearing on Pro-Crime Policies

The supposed fair and unbiased news network, C-SPAN, has come under fire for its biased decision to take important Judiciary Committee hearings off the air. On Monday, the GOP-led Judiciary panel will be holding a crucial hearing in New York City on the topic of “Victims of Violent Crime in Manhattan” to examine how Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s pro-crime policies have led to an increase in violent crime and a dangerous community for New York City residents. However, C-SPAN refused to cover this hearing, indicating that they “just don’t have the resources at this time” to do so.

This will inevitably anger many as the hearing is significant, especially given Bragg’s role in prosecuting former President Donald Trump. This follows C-SPAN’s decision in February to skip a field hearing held by the same panel in Yuma, Arizona, which dealt with border security failures. According to congressional editor Robb Harleston at the time, this was due to the absence of any Democrats. They were informed of the event in good time, but still refused to attend.

This decision by C-SPAN is problematic as it fails to provide “a balanced presentation of points of view,” which goes against their mission. Instead, it emphasizes the network’s political bias and the larger systemic problem with their editorial decisions. Moreover, in the past, they covered Democrat-run field hearings, and this highlights the ongoing battle for balanced media representation. C-SPAN needs to re-evaluate its editorial decisions in favor of cable and satellite affiliates who are concerned about their viewers’ needs instead of their liberal content. Indeed, this cynicism from the left-leaning media is unacceptable, and their defiance in ignoring crucial hearings is only further proof.

Written by Staff Reports

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