Cardi B Blasts Biden, Adams: War Funds Over NY Conditions!

In a shocking turn of events, NYC Mayor Eric Adams has announced his decision to cut both the police and education budgets in order to address the influx of illegal aliens flooding the city. It seems that President Joe Biden’s disastrous border policies have led to this unfortunate situation. Adams revealed that the NYPD will be reduced to below 30,000 officers, and the Education Department will face a staggering $1 billion slash in funding. These cuts have been described as potentially crippling for these departments.

Adams is desperately seeking federal assistance to tackle the crisis caused by the influx of illegal aliens. During a speech at the prestigious Harvard Club, he even resorted to pleading with celebrities for donations to organizations that can aid with the situation. The fact of the matter is that this crisis is solely the result of Joe Biden’s failure to secure the border and control illegal immigration. If only he would address the issue properly, this crisis could easily disappear overnight. However, it seems that Biden simply refuses to take responsibility for his mistakes.

Celebrity rapper Cardi B, a proud native of New York, has expressed her displeasure with both Adams and Biden following the announcement of these shocking cuts. She passionately spoke out about how these cuts will negatively impact her loved ones and others living in disadvantaged areas. Cardi B, who has previously supported Democrats, stated that she will no longer endorse any presidential candidates due to the severe disappointment she feels towards the Democratic Party, particularly Biden.

Using explicit language, Cardi B highlighted the dire consequences of the budget cuts. She warned that crime rates will skyrocket due to the reduction in police resources and pointed out that sanitation services will also be severely affected, potentially leading to a resurgence of the infamous New York City subway rats. Cardi B did not mince her words when criticizing Biden for prioritizing funding for wars while neglecting the well-being of the country. She stressed the urgent need for these issues to be addressed, as the country is currently facing significant challenges.

It is fascinating to observe how even those who were once vehemently opposed to former President Trump, such as Cardi B and actor/comedian Michael Rapaport, are now expressing their disillusionment with Biden’s leadership. This growing dissatisfaction among former supporters is a clear indication that the Biden administration has failed to live up to its promises, and the consequences are starting to accumulate. As more people begin to question Biden’s decision-making, the truth emerges, and the negative impact of his policies becomes harder to ignore. This is undeniably a troubling development for the president and his administration.

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