Chinese military carries out mock invasion drills. Will Biden step up?

Reports suggest that the Chinese military's recent uptick in activity has raised concerns about their capacity to detect a possible invasion of Taiwan. Leaked intelligence reports indicate that the People's Liberation Army (PLA) has been engaging in maneuvers around Taiwan, including blockading movements and conducting war games that simulate an assault on the island. This heightened activity is making it challenging for the U.S. to discern what constitutes unusual behavior, potentially hindering their ability to intervene in the event of a genuine attack. If China's drills are indeed a precursor to an attack on Taiwan, the U.S. may not be able to intervene in time to prevent harm to the self-governing island.

China's assertive actions in the region are a blatant illustration of their intentions. The fear is that China is positioning itself to annex Taiwan, which has been a U.S. ally for many years. The consequences of China taking control of Taiwan would be dire for the United States and its Pacific allies.

It is crucial for the Biden administration to take a strong stance against China's aggressive behavior. Their inaction only encourages the Chinese Communist Party to persist with their attack on liberty and democratic principles. We require a president who is willing to defend our allies and safeguard our national security interests.

While Taiwan has displayed confidence in its military strength, there are apprehensions about its capacity to resist China's efforts to gain control of the airspace. Taiwan's defense strategy, which relies on two air defense missiles to intercept incoming missiles, may not suffice under a barrage of missiles launched by the People's Liberation Army (PLA). Furthermore, slightly over half of Taiwan's combat aircraft are deemed mission-ready and capable of operating in combat situations.

Within the past eight months, China has conducted two rounds of extensive military drills, which included mock amphibious assaults, blockades, air raids, and coordinated firepower attacks. China has also sent an unprecedented number of provocative aircraft sorties in and around Taiwan's airspace. The U.S. intelligence community is evaluating the possibility of China taking action against Taiwan in the next decade.

We cannot let this happen. The U.S. needs to take action now to protect our national security interests in the Pacific. The Biden administration needs to take a firm stand against China’s aggression and stand up for our allies.

Written by Staff Reports

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