CNN Morning Drama Explodes Again

Don Lemon, the former primetime host of CNN, has been causing tension with his co-hosts on the show “CNN This Morning”. In December, Lemon reportedly had an off-camera meltdown with Kaitlin Collins, and more recently, he had a tense exchange with Poppy Harlow. According to sources, Harlow took a “well-timed” bathroom break after Lemon made a seemingly sexist comment about 2024 Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley.

The relationship between Lemon, Collins and Harlow has been strained for months, and this latest incident may be the final straw for CNN boss Chris Licht. Lemon has also been given notes reminding him to allow others to speak, as he has been overly aggressive when someone mentions his primetime gig’s demise.

It appears that Lemon is angling to get fired or reassigned from his current role. He has caused multiple off-camera meltdowns with his co-hosts, and the tension between them can be felt on the set. Lemon’s agent, who also represents Collins, has had a late-night dinner with him in an attempt to ease the tension.

The incident in December killed a pre-White House Christmas party gathering between the three CNN staffers. It is clear that Lemon is not content in his new role, and he is not afraid to voice his opinion. His comments have caused a stir among his co-hosts, and it is uncertain what will happen next.

It is evident that Don Lemon’s behavior has been causing issues on the set of “CNN This Morning”. His comments have caused tension between him and his co-hosts, and it appears that he is trying to get fired or reassigned from his current role. It remains to be seen what will happen next, but one thing is certain: Lemon’s behavior has caused a stir among his co-hosts.

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