CNN’s Struggles Continue With Don Lemon’s Morning Show

The liberal-leaning news network CNN is facing a crisis as their morning show featuring Don Lemon, Kaitlan Collins, and Poppy Harlow has failed to capture the attention of viewers. According to Mediaite, CNN This Morning has hit its lowest ratings in the critical 25-54 age demographic since its launch last fall. The entire network has also reached new lows in February, with the prime time demo average of 122,000 viewers being the network’s smallest audience since 2013. This is in stark contrast to Fox News, which has seen two years of cable news sweeps.

Adding to the network’s woes, Don Lemon recently made controversial comments about 2024 GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley, stating that she was past her prime because she was in her 50’s. Lemon was criticized from both outside and within CNN for his remarks, and is reportedly on very thin ice. Lemon’s comments came after he had a heated exchange with Kaitlan Collins on-air.

In response to the situation, CNN CEO Chris Licht wrote in a memo that Lemon had agreed to participate in formal training and “listen and learn.” Licht also stated that it was important for CNN to balance accountability with fostering a culture in which people can learn from their mistakes.

It is clear that CNN is struggling to remain relevant in today’s media landscape. The network’s liberal bias and lack of respect for conservative values are likely contributing factors to their declining viewership. It is time for CNN to take a hard look at their content and make changes that will better reflect the values of their viewers. Only then will they be able to regain their place as a trusted source of news.

Source: Townhall

Written by Staff Reports

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