Conservative Groups Slam Bragg Over Trump Case and Alleged Bias

The Manhattan District Attorney, Alvin Bragg, is facing criticism from conservative groups for his handling of the criminal case against former President Donald Trump in New York. After Trump was found guilty on 34 charges for falsifying business records, Bragg is facing complaints from organizations like Gun Owners of America and America First Legal.

Gun Owners of America has accused Bragg of limiting the free speech of pro-gun YouTubers, while America First Legal has alleged that his office engaged in “racial and sex discrimination” through diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) hiring practices. Prominent conservative leaders, such as Stephen Miller, have called for Republicans to take legal action against Bragg and his office for what they perceive as unfair practices.

America First Legal has filed complaints with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the New York Department of Labor, alleging that Bragg’s office enforces a quota system and discriminates based on race, sex, and sexual orientation in its hiring practices. The group believes that such practices are illegal and should be investigated further.

Conservative figures have criticized the GOP for not fighting back aggressively enough against Democrats, like Bragg, for bringing charges against Trump. Former Trump adviser Steve Bannon has expressed frustration with what he sees as a lack of support for Trump from the Justice Department and the House Judiciary Committee. Additionally, there are calls for further investigation into potential coordination between the Biden administration and Bragg’s office in the indictment against Trump.

In addition to the complaints from conservative groups, Gun Owners of America has raised concerns about Bragg’s communications with YouTube and Google, which led to changes in their policies on firearms-related content. They believe that such actions demonstrate a willingness to go after former presidents and restrict freedoms.

Despite the criticism and complaints, it is important to note that the 34 counts of business falsification against Trump were considered misdemeanors and outside the statute of limitations. However, Bragg argued that these violations were part of a scheme to influence the outcome of the 2016 election, leading to the charges being elevated to felonies.

While there are differing opinions on Bragg’s actions and decisions, it is clear that the case against Trump and the subsequent backlash from conservative groups have sparked a heated debate about the handling of legal matters and the impact on free speech and hiring practices.

Written by Staff Reports

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