Corporate Woke Subsidizes Abortions and Cuts Maternity Leave

Two months after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade and dozens of progressive U.S. firms committed to finance out-of-state abortions for female employees, Disney subsidiary Hulu surreptitiously lowered maternity and paternal leave from 20 weeks to eight.

According to new data from the Society for Human Resource Management, Hulu is not alone in cutting working parents' perks. Employers offering paid maternity leave "beyond what is required by law" declined from 53% in 2020 to 35% in 2022, apparently to "confront inflation, forecast a recession, and re-establish prepandemic standards."

Where was this financial savvy and urgency in June when Fortune 500 corporations and Wall Street giants guaranteed the lives of unborn infants to keep mothers working?

Since Dobbs v. Jackson, the political left and its institutional supporters, like big business, have little interest in helping moms.

Consider. Leftists like Democrat Sen. Elizabeth Warren called for life-saving pregnancy clinics to be shut down.

When fanatical pro-abortionists under the name "Jane's Revenge" targeted scores of clinics, churches, and pro-life organisations, federal law enforcement showed little interest in following or prosecuting such threats.

Instead of condemning attacks on centres that aid vulnerable women, Democrats demanded Big Tech destroy search results for "fake clinics" Some governors, including Michigan's Democrat Gretchen Whitmer, decreased funding for maternity care.

Biden and blue politicians are seeking to normalise controversial abortion extremism and punish Republican states for caring for newborns and moms.

Since numerous Republican states proceeded quickly to restrict or outlaw abortion, pregnant women, especially young women, may seek help for a baby they may have previously contemplated aborting. The left's hostility toward women having children won't aid pregnant women.

Companies pay for out-of-state abortions because it's cheaper than giving working mothers the flexibility they need as parents. Many corporations have developed rules to keep women childless and are abandoning others that support working moms having children.

The left says abortion gives women the "right to choose" How about women who chose pregnancy? To them, the left is hostile.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on The Federalist.

Written by Staff Reports

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