CREEPY! Former CNN Host Reveals His Secret Crush on Nancy Pelosi

Former CNN host Rex Chapman revealed that he has a crush on Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker from California. He admitted this after the recent news of Pelosi's husband getting attacked inside their San Francisco home.

Chapman, a former NBA player who once pled guilty to various felony charges for stealing from an Apple Store, criticized Elon Musk on Twitter.

He said that an attempt to murder or seriously injure Nancy was recently carried out. He also called out the new owner of the platform for questioning the story. According to him, the 82-year-old Paul was attacked with a hammer.

According to him, there have been no individuals in history who accused Paul Pelosi of being gay.

According to him, Paul is a real person who has already lived 82 years. He also noted that the Republicans in 2022 will not allow people to ruin their reputations by being gay. He said that being gay shouldn't affect a person's reputation.

In response to a question, he said that he has a crush on Nancy. He referred to her as a beautiful woman with a big brain. He also referred to her as a sexy individual.

During the summer, Chapman was criticized after he launched a vicious attack against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. According to The Daily Wire, many people regarded his comments as racist.


Written by Staff Reports

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