Crooked Hillary BUSTED Funneling Money to “Defund the Police”

Hillary Clinton was just caught dead-to-rights donating money to a controversial, anti-police organization through one of her non-profit organizations.

This all comes from a Fox News report that exposed how Clinton funneled upwards of $75k to a "far left" group that was focused on defunding the police.

The group in question, called Onward Together which Clinton launched in 2017, attempted to dismantle and upend the Minneapolis Police Department by supporting the Washington DC based "Alliance for Youth Action".

This group says that the policing system was founded on "slave patrols" and continues its efforts to profile and kill black people in America. The group backs the defuning of law enforcement as a step towards "outright abolishment".

This ultra left wing group led an initiative to completely tear down the Minneapolice police department and then replace it through a ballot initiative. Fortunately, the voters rejected it in November.

As you might expect, much of the efforts were bankrolled by George Soros' group "The Open Society Center". They reportedly donated about $500k to the campaign.

Other liberal organizations also contributed including the ACLU, and others.

Clinton's donation to this cause was on top of her $675k donation to other liberal causes with the majority going towards "voting rights" issues.  

Written by Staff Reports

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