DA Bragg’s Desperate Attempt to Smear Trump Exposed

In the latest attempt to attack former President Donald Trump, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is desperately trying to build a thin and weak case against him. Reports indicate that Bragg is still scrambling to find any evidence to support his indictment.

Bragg is now seeking access to a deposition Trump gave last year during a civil defamation case. This deposition was taken as part of columnist E. Jean Carroll’s baseless rape allegations against Trump. Of course, these allegations have been thoroughly debunked, but that doesn’t stop Bragg from grasping at straws.

Trump’s attorneys, quite rightfully, moved to block Bragg’s request, arguing that the deposition was confidential and protected by a court order. And they are absolutely correct in doing so. This is just another example of Bragg’s desperate and baseless attempts to go after the former president.

Even New York Judge Juan Merchan rejected Bragg’s overly broad subpoenas and ruled against his attempts to obtain emails and documents from Trump’s associates. Merchan saw right through Bragg’s fishing expedition and determined that his requests would yield far more records than necessary. But, of course, Merchan didn’t stop Bragg from pursuing the deposition from the Carroll case, showing a clear bias against Trump.

The deposition in question revolves around the infamous “Access Hollywood” tape that was leaked during the 2016 election. Manhattan prosecutors argue that this tape, along with the alleged hush money payments, is somehow relevant to Bragg’s case against Trump. This is nothing more than a flimsy attempt to paint Trump in a negative light and distract from the lack of any real evidence against him.

On MSNBC, former prosecutor Catherine Christian touted the “importance” of this deposition, claiming it shows Trump’s “state of mind.” However, this is all speculative and baseless. It’s just another example of partisan prosecutors trying to twist anything they can to fit their biased narrative.

According to former federal prosecutor Neama Rahmani, it is likely that the federal judge overseeing the Carroll case will allow the deposition tape to be used in Bragg’s prosecution. This is a blatant disregard for fairness and an example of the judicial system being weaponized against a political opponent.

It remains to be seen whether Judge Kaplan will make the right decision and reject this outrageous attempt to use the deposition against Trump. But one thing is clear: this is just another desperate ploy by biased prosecutors to vilify a former president they disagree with politically. It’s time for these baseless attacks to end and for the justice system to focus on real crimes, not political witch hunts.

Written by Staff Reports

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