Dem Infighting: Biden Fans Attack Kennedy Ally at Market!

It seems the Democrats can’t keep the peace amongst themselves these days! Supporters of President Joe Biden got into a heated, almost physical, altercation with a lone Kennedy supporter at a peaceful farmers’ market in New York. The incident occurred when a group of Biden enthusiasts decided to set up shop right next to the lone Kennedy backer, causing tensions to rise.

According to local reports, the Biden group attempted to belittle the Kennedy supporter, Frank Stoppenbach, and even tried to supplant his presence by displaying an anti-Kennedy sign. Larry Cox, one of the Biden supporters, claimed that Stoppenbach was spreading misinformation about vaccines and masks while being parked next to their spot. They asked him to move elsewhere, but the defiant Kennedy supporter refused. In response, the Biden group proudly displayed their disdain for Robert F. Kennedy Jr., whom they called “abhorrent and crazy.”

Stoppenbach, an 83-year-old politically active registered Democrat, was left confused and hurt by the hostility he faced. He couldn’t understand why there was such a fuss about a contested nomination. After all, as he put it, “I simply park where people come by.” It seems that some people just couldn’t handle the presence of a Kennedy supporter at their precious farmers’ market.

While tensions flared, it’s worth mentioning that the Biden group’s anti-Kennedy sign conveniently blocked some of Stoppenbach’s pro-Kennedy signs. It’s no wonder he got agitated! However, Biden supporter Cox downplayed the situation, calling Stoppenbach nothing more than “an old guy with crazy ideas.” Well, it seems like people can’t tolerate differing opinions anymore. Isn’t it wonderful how inclusive and accepting the left can be?

Interestingly enough, Kennedy seems to fare better among Republicans than among his own Democrats. Recent polling data shows that Republican voters have a higher favorability for Kennedy than Democratic voters. It’s no wonder his support among Democrats has dwindled from 20 percent to 13.6 percent in just a few months. Maybe the Democrats should get their act together and rally behind a candidate who can actually gain momentum.

This incident at the farmers’ market is a clear indication of the division within the Democratic Party. If they can’t even get along amongst themselves, how can they expect to lead the country? It’s time for the Democrats to take a long hard look in the mirror and realize that their internal squabbles are not only damaging their chances for the presidency but also alienating their own supporters. Maybe next time they’ll think twice before trying to silence a Kennedy supporter.

Written by Staff Reports

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