Democrat Sen. Rosen’s Campaign Splurges on Luxury, While Voters Struggle!

Sen. Jacky Rosen (D-NV) is caught up in a scandal involving her campaign spending. Records show that Rosen has been splurging thousands of dollars at luxury restaurants and hotels in major cities across the United States. This news has drawn criticism from Republicans who accuse Rosen of being “out of touch” with voters while promoting President Joe Biden’s big government agenda. Between January and June, Rosen’s reelection campaign has spent approximately $12,500 at extravagant resort-style hotels and fine dining establishments in places like New York City, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles.

Kendra Arnold, head of the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust, an ethics watchdog, argues that this lavish spending only contributes to the distrust between Washington, D.C., and average American citizens. Arnold points out that elected officials, like Rosen, who make rules for everyday people should not be engaging in elitist activities. While there is no evidence that Rosen’s spending violates any laws, concerns have been raised about the use of campaign funds for personal purposes.

One $5,600 payment made to Rosen for his campaign was for "catering" and "fundraising" at the renowned French restaurant Le Bernardin in Manhattan, which is known for serving the "super rich." Additionally, Rosen’s campaign spent nearly $800 for “meals” at the upscale Italian restaurant Sinatra in Las Vegas, located in the five-star Wynn Encore Casino and Resort. The campaign also made payments at high-end establishments like Nobu in Dallas and Joselito Casa de Comidas in Washington, D.C.

This extravagant spending has sparked criticism from Richard Hernandez, a campaign spokesman for Republican opponent Sam Brown, who accuses Rosen of using her status to fund an opulent lifestyle. The revelations about Rosen’s spending habits only reinforce the perception that she is an elitist politician disconnected from the everyday concerns of Nevadans.

Rosen’s reelection campaign’s excessive spending raises questions about her priorities and whether she truly understands the needs of working-class Americans. It also highlights the stark contrast between her campaign rhetoric about her working-class roots and the reality of her luxurious lifestyle. This scandal may have significant implications for the 2024 Senate race in Nevada, where Rosen currently holds the seat, and where other Republicans are also vying for the opportunity to challenge her.

Written by Staff Reports

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