Democrat Senator Slams Biden’s Reckless Spending and Ideological Agenda

Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia, a Democrat, slammed President Biden’s administration for prioritizing their “ideological agenda” over fiscal responsibility and the intended objectives of their climate law, the Inflation Reduction Act. Manchin, who initially opposed the IRA, was able to gain concessions before eventually voting in favor of it with fellow Democrats in a party-line vote. However, he has now criticized the Biden administration for violating the spirit of the bill which was originally predicted to cost approximately $370 billion in tax breaks and green subsidies, but estimates now put it closer to $1.2 trillion.

Manchin accused unelected bureaucrats and administrators of attempting to subvert the law in order to push their left-wing agenda. He accused them of ignoring the intent of the law to increase energy security and expand the use of fossil fuels, instead focusing on clean energy spending. Moreover, the senator accused the administration of ignoring the cost implications of their reckless spending at a time when the debt ceiling is approaching.

The Biden administration’s plan to extend tax credits to foreign electric car manufacturers, who lease their vehicles to American clients, has also drawn the senator’s wrath. Manchin, who is committed to protecting American manufacturers and jobs, called on the administration to “stop redefining” the credits and subsidies on offer, which he believes will result in needless taxpayer spending running into hundreds of billions of dollars.

The senator urged the administration to follow the law and negotiate required reforms to the federal budget. Manchin warned that the Biden administration’s failure to do so would result in severe consequences, with future generations of Americans likely to pay the price. Manchin also threatened to take the administration to court over its ongoing attempts to offer IRA tax credits to foreign firms.

It is imperative that the Biden administration stop pushing its radical agenda at the expense of the American taxpayer. The White House has yet to respond to Manchin’s claims.

Written by Staff Reports

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