Democrats on a Witch Hunt against Journalist who Exposed Cover-up

The Democrats have once again proven they will stop at nothing to cover up their radical agenda and take down anyone who dares to expose the truth. The latest victim in their crusade is independent journalist Matt Taibbi, who is facing demands for up to five years in prison from Stacey Plaskett, a Democratic member from the Virgin Islands.

Taibbi appeared before Congress last month to discuss his reporting on the infamous Twitter files, but Plaskett claims he lied under oath and demands retribution. Taibbi’s only crime, however, was a spelling error in his testimony, which he quickly corrected in a tweet. But Plaskett is using this as an excuse to attack Taibbi and try to silence him.

Plaskett accuses Taibbi of spreading misinformation, despite the journalist’s quick and honest correction of his error. She claims that Taibbi intentionally altered the acronym CIS to add an “A” and implicate the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) in efforts to remove social media posts. But this is a baseless accusation, as Taibbi himself admitted to his honest mistake and corrected it immediately.

Plaskett is throwing the book at Taibbi, reminding him that he signed a form affirming the truth of his testimony “under penalty of perjury.” She also referred to Taibbi as a “so-called journalist” and demanded he reveal his sources during the hearing, adding insult to injury.

The truth is that Taibbi’s reporting on the Twitter files was correct, despite his minor error in his testimony. Plaskett even admitted as much in a letter obtained by fellow reporter Lee Fang. But the Democrats will stop at nothing to censor and destroy anyone who exposes their radical agenda to the American people, much like they did to former President Trump.

It is clear that Plaskett’s attacks on Taibbi are politically motivated and designed to silence any negative coverage of the Democrats. But this will not deter true journalists like Taibbi from speaking the truth and exposing the left’s dangerous agenda to the American people.

Source: Townhall

Written by Staff Reports

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