Democrats Scramble as Biden Falters, Party Unity in Peril

Democrats are in a pickle, folks. After President Joe Biden’s less-than-stellar performance at the first presidential debate of 2024, there’s been quite a bit of chatter within the party about whether it’s time for Grandpa Joe to step aside. Seems like even his own team isn’t too thrilled with the idea of him leading the charge any longer.

But here’s where it gets delightfully messy. The Democrats aren’t exactly known for their smooth transitions, and this situation is shaping up to be especially chaotic. Jill Biden, the First Lady, along with a swarm of Biden loyalists, are reportedly pulling every string they can find to keep the old fella in the race. It’s like a political Game of Thrones, but with more dentures and gaffes.

Then there’s a giant wrangle over who gets Biden’s campaign cash if he bows out. The Biden campaign’s treasure chest holds $91.2 million, and Vice President Kamala Harris is hovering like a hawk over a carcass. Harris stands to gain significant power and control of those funds if she’s chosen to take Biden’s spot. But if the party decides to boot her to the VP sidelines again or opt for a different candidate, the fate of that fortune gets murky.

And speaking of Harris, can she really stand a better chance in 2024 than Biden? That’s the multi-million-dollar question, but if political pundits and past election results are any guide, the answer isn’t looking too rosy. Sure, some election finance wizards are saying that Harris controls the loot only if she gets the top spot, but that could be a long shot. If not her, then those funds might get tossed to the DNC, a charity, or even a super PAC.

With the election just a few months away, the Dems are running out of time to make a decision. Biden’s repeated lapses in clarity and coherence—while a source of endless amusement and concern—are symptomatic of bigger issues that have been festering privately over the past year. Any dilly-dallying could spell disaster for the party, and an aggressive deployment of those millions might just be their last hope.

So, as the Democrats ponder their move, they need to ask themselves: Is Kamala Harris worth over $91 million? The clock’s ticking, and the stakes couldn’t be higher. Buckle up, folks. This train wreck of a primary season is just getting started, and it’s fascinating to watch from the sidelines. Grab your popcorn.

Written by Staff Reports

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