DeSantis To Disney: ‘There’s a new Sheriff in town’

Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida said that he would take away Disney's magic. He also stated that there was a new sheriff in town.

In his first press briefing after becoming governor, DeSantis said that the corporate government would no longer be self-governing. He also noted that the corporations would have to pay taxes.

Disney would pay its taxes, and the company would also honor its debt, according to DeSantis. He then stated that a new sheriff would be in place.

This came after a bill was introduced on Monday, which stated that the Reedy Creek Improvement district would be under the control DeSantis.

The district, which spans 25,000 acres, would be renamed the Tourism Oversight District. It would also be completely revamped.

The bill would also prevent people who had previously worked at a theme park or an entertainment complex from serving on the board of supervisors of the district.

The board would have control over the construction and demolition of the district, as well as the hiring of workers for the district. It would also have the power to impose taxes and enter into contracts with private contractors.

As soon as Governor DeSantis signs the bill into law, the changes will take effect. However, the current board members would still be able to continue serving until a replacement is found.

Disney's move is expected to put pressure on the company to refrain from criticizing DeSantis. The company did so after the governor signed a bill that sought to protect parental rights.

Both Disney and the governor have been at odds over the company's efforts to abuse children. DeSantis has vowed to prevent the company from operating in a way that allows it to sexually exploit minors.

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