Don Lemon Demonizes Republicans


CNN’s Don Lemon urges the media to portray Republicans as villains.

On CNN’s New Day, Lemon said the GOP is a growing threat and warned journalists not to conflate the two sides.

gay activist and Jussie Smollett supporter has demanded that journalists acknowledge Republicans endanger the United States.

Lemon believes Republicans are endangering society and that Democrats must admit it. Democrats must recognize this as Americans and journalists, or they are failing to do their jobs.

Lemon was chastised for promoting fake news and CNN’s leftist propaganda, with Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton calling CNN a left-wing advocacy organization.

Don Lemon’s claim that Republicans can’t be treated like the Reagan party of 1987 was refuted by Tim Graham, executive editor of NewsBusters.

Graham believes CNN is no longer the mildly liberal news network of 1987.

Don Lemon and CNN hardliners are against a Reagan-style GOP. They want to talk about Trump indefinitely.

According to Pew, 55 percent of 12,000 journalists polled believe both sides deserve equal coverage.

Lemon was referring to Republicans who supported former President Trump following the Jan. 6 Capitol protests and the repeal of Roe v. Wade.

Lemon believes If Republicans appear on CNN, they must respond to these questions. They must account for their MSNBC appearances. If they appeared on ABC, Lemon demanded an explanation.

According to Lemon, Republicans should not expect to be coddled by the media, supporters, voters, or Americans.

In June, Lemon stated that journalists cannot pretend that both sides are equal.

Lemon asserted that Republicans have become associated with extremists and dismissed right-wing opposition.

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