Donald Trump 2024: Is Twitter the Key to His Comeback?

Donald Trump, the former President of the United States and a potential 2024 candidate, should be dominating headlines. But instead, he has been relatively quiet in the media, with the exception of his alternative social media platform, Truth Social. It appears that Trump is waiting to make a splash on the political scene, and it is likely that he will return to Twitter with gusto when the time is right.

However, this could be a mistake on Trump’s part. After all, he has over 80 million followers on Twitter, and he should be utilizing this massive resource to its fullest potential. Trump has used Twitter expertly in the past to defeat a crowded 2016 GOP field and win the presidency. He is also missing an opportunity to counterpunch effectively against potential opponents such as Ron DeSantis.

The former president’s jabs at DeSantis have been low energy and inappropriate, and they would be best left to die on Truth Social. This could be a smart move by Trump, as it would give him a chance to work out the kinks before he makes his return to Twitter.

But Trump needs to be careful not to peak too soon. After all, this is what happened to Scott Walker and Jeb Bush in the past. Trump should wait until DeSantis officially declares his candidacy before he makes his return to Twitter. Otherwise, he could find himself in a difficult position if DeSantis comes out of the gate strong.

Overall, it is clear that Donald Trump needs to make a return to Twitter if he wants to be successful in his 2024 presidential campaign. He has an incredible resource at his disposal with over 80 million followers, and he should not waste it by relying solely on his alternative social media platform. If Trump can use Twitter effectively, he could easily dominate the headlines and win the GOP nomination once again.

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