Education Secretary Clueless on China’s Infiltration of American Schools

For over two years now, the United States Secretary of Education, Miguel Cardona, has been peddling a “progressive” education agenda at any opportunity, putting the needs of teachers unions and woke culture warriors over the needs of America’s students. But it turns out, he’s as clueless as other members of Joe Biden’s out-of-touch cabinet.

Secretary Cardona recently admitted that he didn’t know anything about the Confucius Institutes, which are nothing but nefarious Chinese Communist Party Trojan horses posing as cultural institutions. When Rep. John Moolenaar (R-MI) asked if the CCP was attempting to influence American education, Cardona made it clear that he was unaware of any attempts or specific efforts by the CCP. The Secretary then struggled to answer whether he at least knew about the Confucius Institutes, to which he had to concede his lack of knowledge on their existence.

While Cardona is ignorant, countless Americans, think tanks, and academic associations have been warning about the Confucius Institutes’ true purpose of CCP activity infiltration into American schools and universities for a while now. These institutes, though portraying themselves as cultural institutions, are in fact used to facilitate CCP propaganda and influence U.S. students.

Many universities and schools have already been lured in with financial incentives, scholarships, and other gifts, and now students are being taught a highly censored and highly biased CCP version of Chinese history and culture. It is well-known that these institutes avoid sensitive topics like the Tiananmen Square massacre and the Cultural Revolution and use Chinese teachers who manage and take directions from the Asian superpower’s government.

The dangers of Confucius Institutes don’t stop at the intellectual level. Additionally, the institutes receive funding and direction from the CCP, providing China’s ruling party with leverage over American schools and universities.

Despite all of these alarming revelations, Secretary Cardona is apparently oblivious to the Confucius Institutes and other CCP abuses on U.S. soil. In another example of the Biden administration’s deference to China, they quietly ended Trump-era efforts aimed at monitoring the Confucius Institutes’ CCP-driven activities, making it all the more important that people like Cardona be aware and informed about them.

In short, China has been brainwashing American students for almost 20 years, and the Secretary of Education is completely uninformed. The question isn’t why Cardona is so unaware of this growing threat, but why anyone thought he was capable of serving as Education Secretary in the first place.

Written by Staff Reports

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