Elon Gets HUGE Win With Twitter

Elon Musk shared positive updates on Twitter on Monday, refuting rumors of its decline since he became CEO. Former Tesla program manager Farzad Mesbahi also affirmed the platform’s vitality in a tweet, “BTW in case you’re wondering – Twitter isn’t dead.” Musk further emphasized, “This is the highest Q1 Twitter usage ever and that is after most fake accounts have been suspended.”

Elon Musk’s proposal to acquire Twitter was met with disapproval from the left due to his proposed implementation of new features, open-source algorithms, and measures against spambot accounts while promoting free speech. President Trump expressed satisfaction with the acquisition, citing relief that the platform was no longer controlled by what he deemed “radical left lunatics.”

Since announcing his intention to acquire Twitter, Elon Musk has faced criticism from the left. At Super Bowl LVII, he sat in a prominent location at State Farm Stadium with Rupert Murdoch, the head of Fox Corp. and News Corp., and Elisabeth Murdoch, a producer, and investor. Don Lemon expressed concern about their seating arrangement and referred to Musk as a “rebel” against the current media in a rant about their presence.

Rather than fretting about the new CEO of Twitter, Don Lemon might want to focus on his network’s declining ratings. Elon Musk has demonstrated successful leadership at Twitter, with Q1 usage reaching a new high and most fake accounts being suspended. Furthermore, he engaged in humorous exchanges with a Twitter user, making reference to “Dogecoin.”

Elon Musk’s effective leadership at Twitter is evident through the successful execution of his plans to introduce new platform features, and open-source algorithms, combat spambot accounts and foster free speech. President Trump’s statement about Twitter being in “sane hands” under Musk’s CEOship has been proven accurate.

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