EU To Twitter: Continue Censorship Or Else

Elon Musk was warned by the European Union that he could be banned from the continent if he doesn't follow certain rules about the moderation of his Twitter account.

According to people who were briefed on the matter, the commissioner for the European Union discussed the possibility of banning Musk during a video meeting. He said that if the entrepreneur wanted to avoid the ban, he would have to follow certain rules. These include getting rid of an arbitrary approach to reinstating suspended users, maintaining an independent audit of the platform, and pursuing disinformation aggressively.

If Musk fails to comply with the warning, then the Digital Services Act of the European Union would be violated, and either Twitter would be banned in the EU or it would be fined up to 6% of its global turnover. During his conversation with Breton, Musk claimed that the act is very sensible and that it should be applied globally.

Last week, Musk wrote on Twitter that the platform would be giving "general amnesty" to suspended users. He then asked his followers if they would like to see affected accounts restored. A majority of them voted yes. Musk then said that he would like to get rid of an arbitrary approach to reinstating suspended accounts.

In response to the concerns raised by Breton, Twitter has been asked to implement new rules regarding the advertising industry. According to Breton, the platform should prohibit the use of sensitive information like religious and political beliefs to target users.

In addition, Twitter also needs to carry out an independent audit by summer 2023 to provide the necessary information about its users. This would include the number of people who are using the platform and the number of people who are banned.

The threat of a ban on Twitter by the European Union came just two days after Musk announced that the social media platform would be releasing files related to its history of suppressing content. He claimed that the public has a right to know what really happened.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Washington Examiner.

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